Defend the Defenseless

Join us on the frontlines in the fight for life in South Dakota.

On November 5, 2024 South Dakota will vote to protect or destroy life.

The proposed Amendment G to the SD Constitution will allow the most extreme abortion practices in the nation. If passed, the consequences will be gravely serious and nearly impossible to overturn.

What's at Stake in Amendment G?

Join us in this 9-month campaign to create awareness and fight this legislation.

When this amendment is defeated – thanks to your efforts – we can all rejoice in the knowledge that countless innocent lives have been saved as a result.

Our Plan for Success

Prayer Warriors

Above all, the fight for life is Spiritual Warfare and can only be truly defeated through the power of prayer. Pray the South Dakota Patriotic Rosary with us as a daily fight to protect the rights of all South Dakotans once and for all.


A picture says a thousand words. Starting this summer (2024) we want to saturate South Dakota with billboards informing people about the atrocities of this amendment through education and stories.

Strategically Expand Awareness

After people see our billboards, they need a way to act. We’ll create a digital marketing platform to inform and empower people whose consciences reject the extremity of this proposed legislation and join the fight for women and the unborn. We’ll provide next steps they can take, ways they can get involved, and ways they can make their voices heard.

You deserve to live in a world where even the most vulnerable and defenseless are protected at all costs.

Join together with others on a mission to change minds and hearts.

Use your most powerful weapons: prayer and peaceful protest.

Discover a heroic courage you never knew you had.

We stand ready to defend the innocent, protect the weak, and work together with you to make a real difference in South Dakota and beyond.

If you feel alone in your convictions, or that you have no right to speak up, we believe that you are not alone. We understand what it’s like to feel the need to act but not know where to start.

The Jericho Wall is a ministry of Catholic men that come together to pray to end abortion. As men and women of God, we are tasked with the duties of protecting and providing for the most vulnerable of society. This means not just our families, but the unborn as well. We invite you to take courage and encounter Christ in our band of brothers as we bring our prayers to action, and discover authentic Catholic friendships with men of the same values.

Here’s how it works: join us in prayer and solidarity, share information related to pro-life causes, and work to defend life in the womb. Discover authentic Catholic friendships with men of the same values so you can answer God’s call and start living, praying, and serving boldly and bravely.

The Jericho Wall